Next Story continues

On the spice road through India

Welcome to a new chapter of our Next Story expedition. So far, we have travelled from Asia to Europe. This year, we will follow the tracks of the Spice Road through exotic India. The first stage will start to the North-East of India and will lead us through Bhutan to Nepal. Then, we will cross India in south-westerly direction in two stages. On the way, we will not only discover unfamiliar cultures and the world of Indian spices: unforgettable moments and breath-taking landscapes wait to be explored. Each second of our tour will be filled with amazement and adventure – just like the previous stages of Next Story.

With this invitation I would like to express my thanks to my employees for the long journey that we have been travelling together for the last 20 years or even longer. Our motto was, and still is: "We do not take a trip; a trip takes us. “ (John Steinbeck). Join me in looking forward to captivating and unforgettable encounters.

Yours Jürgen Heindl